Even before Black Moon was released the team has been making music for a very long time. We have put countless hours into making songs that sometimes we don't even release. I decide to share some of those bodies of work with you as the listener. So I thought of the idea to show a prelude to the new tape "Vindicate." Some of the tracks you will hear will be some that will be on the tape but this project is a mix of hand made songs the group put together that do not have JDub rapping on them that includes a instrumental and songs that have our main singer Varian carrying the piece. All in all I got tired of not having new music on here and I didn't want you guys waiting too long for the new music. I want to extend a special thank you to Norberto, Varian, Twan, and Chris Starr for making this project a reality. I hope you enjoy and prepare yourself for "Vindicate" when it is released! Thank you so much!!