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In this section discover all about your favorite artist from the Official Crew!
      Varian A. Oatman, born October 6th, 1996. He started singing and dancing and just in general performing at the ripe old age of 10 after his teacher convinced him to sign up for the talent show. Varian has been an unofficial member in Official for quite sometime, as close friend of the group leader he would lend his vocals to songs simply because his friend asked and has only recently officially joined Official. Varian is excited to really expand his musical horizan, as a trained musical theatre and opera vocalist. He also enjoys singing R&B and not being boxed into just one genre of song. Music has given Varian's life direction. He doesn't know what else he'd be doing with his life if he wasn't performing, and he's glad he gets to experience it with Official. Thank you. 
My name is Christabel Sosa and I am 17 years old. I've loved music ever since I was a little girl. It started with watching musicals and my taste in music grew from there. I started choir in the 10th grade where I discovered my voice and passion for music. I love singin all genres of music and hope I can explore more of the music world. I met Joseph Walker in high school and became apart of the band during December 2015. I'm thankful to be able to work with so many talented and supportive people and hope that we can share our love of music with you.      
My name is Adesanjo Wolfe. I was born on the 16th of November 2000, and I currently go to Dimond High School. I started to play muisc when I was 7 years old, starting with the piano, and having 3-4 years of lessons. In 6th grade I began to play Percussion with the beginning band at Sand Lake Elementary. In 7th grade I first started Drum Set with the Mears Middle School Jazz Band. I met Joseph Walker a little bit after they first went on KTVA channel 11 News in December 2015. I officially joined the "Official Crew" in mid May, after months preparation. I see a great future for the "Official Crew." On top of that the "Passion" 2016 summer tour, is just the beginning.       
My name is Jason and I am currently 20 years old. I was born in anchorage and began experimenting with music during my high school years. I met Joe in choir classes at Dimond and joined his group playing piano for him and singing the summer of 2016.      
      Max Von Hippel was born on July 1st, 1996 and grew up in Alaska. Max is studying electrical engineering and design in New Hampshire and plans to specialize in building cheap items/equipment for people in developing nations to communicate without having their privacy breached by oppressive regimes. Max has been a member of Official since he and Joseph (JDub) me in an engineering class, and is an avid audiophile and music collector (and in particular a fan of GSH, Milo, Hov and Heems). Max is the lead photographer, videographer, and technical support guru for Official.
    Xavier Roker (Musical Artist, Dancer, Songwriter, Sketch Artist) was born on November 6th 1996. He grew up in a huge, traveling family. Music was always in rotation from day to night in the Roker household, in their car, their life in general is a musical melting pot. At age 7 he came to the conclusion that being in music was what he truly wanted to do, it was inevitable. This is when his whole understanding of music began to shape. He began doing vocal warm ups and singing pop songs with his aunt. Around this time Xavier effortlessly fell into dancing as though he was born with dancing shoes on. Later on, he and his family moved to Anchorage, Alaska. Since then, Xavier eventually began performing, and songwriting. It was fall 2011, Sophomore year began. After the school's talent show Xavier ran into Joe (JDUB), they began talking and Joe started rapping as Xavier gave him random subjects to freestyle about and the rest is history. Even after Xavier moved away later that year they still remained close friends. When asked: Why music important to him? Xavier starts by saying “Words can't describe how amazing music is, because it is only something you feel. It has an undeniable power to inspire, create a certain atmosphere to where anyone's mood can be changed. It's help, escapism, it's a friend, it is omnipresent. That's why music is important to me, because it's always been there for me. It always felt like a guardian or an archangel. Throughout all of the negatives that life sometimes has to offer music has helped me cope, and become a better person. Even with billions of people on earth, nobody will be there for me like music, because music is my voice, music is my heartbeat.” As an artist Xavier is most excited about being a friend to the many across the planet through his art. Putting smiles on faces while performing around the world. Giving the world a chance to escape the many issues that come up in everyday lives by just listening and watching. Whether it's making them want to dance, feel loved, feel understood he believes it's our duty to be there for one another. As he states “That is what music is. Being there, sharing relatable stories through the universal language along with good vibes. When you share the beauty and genuineness you create this chain reaction which the whole world can feel. And that is what the world needs.”  Xavier’s greatest influence is Michael Jackson or as he puts it “The invincible, incredible, remarkable, brilliant, genius, KING known as Michael Jackson.” Xavier says no one has inspired him as much as this man. Not just musically but as person. As he adds “Ultimately anyone who is courageous enough to follow their heart is an inspiration.”
    Norberto De Jesus Jr. May 29 1996 Born & raised in Alaska Introduced to Official in 2014. Music (in my opinion) is the most effective art form. It has the power to influence the minds and hearts of people anywhere in the world. It just amazes me how thousands of people get together in stadiums and concert halls to enjoy a collection of sounds. From the beginning, I knew that music wasn’t just going to be a hobby. It was going to play a much bigger role in my life. With my creativity and passion for music, I realized right away what I wanted to be in life. A composer. Specifically, a film scorer. I knew that if I wanted to do this, I’d have to learn a lot about the film industry. During my senior year of high school, I took a film class that taught me almost everything I know about film today. With the skills and knowledge I gained from this course, I’ve been able to start a small video production business and its been going very well. Now that I have a solid understanding of the music and film industry, I’ve been working towards a Bachelor of Business Administration. Thank You.

    Bonjour, je m'appelle Kalimah Najrahn Ann Toney, as well as when I'm on stage. September 1st, 1999 is when I took my first breath. I'm 15, the youngest of everyone in the crew. Music is a key part in my life. Which is why I was enthusiastic once I met Joseph in October. Immediately, I was hooked by the charm of Official and the music brought to me. We spent many lunches just dabbling away on instruments in the band room. I then slowly began to crack the hard shell of fear around me. I started singing during these small jam sessions! I began a powerful friendship with Joseph. We discussed music and our future with it. I finally was holding hands with music again. The connection to music was back. I truly did and do appreciate Joseph for doing this. Music was always an escape, or a coping method I used growing up with frequent anxiety and panic attacks. To keep in short, I'm the kind of person to always strive for great not good. I hope that in the future Official will be recognized more often. That the amazing talents my friends in this group have, will shine. Thank you.
    My name is Joseph N. Walker, or JDub. I entered this world on October 14, 1996. I first off want to thank God for everything that is going on in my life. I can't even begin to say how happy I am with the person I have become and the lives I have the honor of being a part of. This has been my dream. Ever since 6th grade when I first started to rap I have always wanted to have a team of other talented individuals by my side. Now that dream has come true. These young men and women are my everything. I share my dreams, my fears, my soul with them. Music is my one and only true love. I've progressed over the past 9 years into a full artist, but I am still hungry for more. Since the time I began making beats in the 8th grade, to releasing my first song on soundcloud, to finally creating the entire band I work towards making myself better and better each and everyday. Music has allowed me to become more focused, driven, open, happy, and thoughtful person. It fills me with joy when I see someone enjoy how much passion I put into music, and my crew is the reason I have grown this far. I don't even have enough room on this bio to tell the stories and joy these guys have brought to me. I love music but I also love science. I am a student at the Univeristy of Texas at Dallas studying Biology. As a graduate student I plan on studying Biotechnology and creating my own business to save lives and change the way we live. As the leader of Official I want to bring music back to where it should be, pure passion. There is too little time in this life to waste our ears on things that don't help us grow, face issues in the world, and become happy. That is our job. To bring life back to music and to show the world that a bunch of kids can actually change the world. On the behalf of the crew I hope you enjoy all the music we have released and all that is in store. Thank you so very much.