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Official creates pure passionate music. We have years of personal musicial experience, and we are growing as a team becoming better and better as a whole. This group of talented and driven teens has poured every ounce of their being into changing the world through music and giving others something meaningful to listen to.
  1. What We Have Done
    The Official Crew was first formed in 2010 by the leader, JDub. Since then the group has done a wide range of performances from "KTVA DayBreak", Dimond High Prom, etc. released mixtapes and singles on ITunes, Google Play, Spotify etc, and are currently on their first ever "Passion" Tour in Alaska.
  2. What We Plan To Do
    The Official Crew plans on promoting their music further by starting other tours in more states across the country. They also plan on releasing music for the singing duo in the group "Dreamsicle" and releasing the rapper JDub's new album "Vindicate" on ITunes and Soundcloud.
  3. What Do You Think
    Please do not hesitate on letting us know how you feel about the music we are putting out! Feedback is always a great tool for us to use to better ourselves and make our group even better. Be sure to leave comments, advice, and rate us on how you are enjoying our music. Again, thank you for being apart of this journey!
We would like to thank every single listener, fan, friend, and sponsor for allow to make this dream a reality!
Thank you!
Be Something Different 
We Believe in making a difference in people's lives through music